Crop Circles of 2010 Photo Set

Price: £40.00

A small selection of the images from the 2010 Photo Set – click the image to enlarge

The new 2010 Crop Circle Photo Set contains (50 x) 7×5 inch (18 x 13 cm) full colour, glossy photographic prints. This set contains not only a stunning selection of overhead shots, but also images of many of the crop formations set in the glorious English landscape. Details about each circle are shown on the reverse of each print, including date, location and crop type. The 2010 Crop Circle Photo Set comes in attractive gift-box packaging making it an ideal present. This set also makes a great archive of the season, or something to share with friends, use for your own research, for contemplation, or display.

We are also including a FREE Photo CD inside each box. Each CD contains a collection of 50 images from the 2010 season, with details of date, location and crop type displayed on each image. The CD is ideal for PowerPoint presentations or for use on your PC. These sets are often used as research aids.

Crop Circles of 2010 Photo Set

The 2010 season will be remembered as the season that the crop circles left their normal haunting grounds around the Pewsey Vale, and visited many unusual and more distant locations – many of which had ancient hillforts or settlements near by. Formations that are included in this package are: the Wilton Windmill formation (which encoded the ‘Euler’s Identity’ formula), the wonderful Liddington Castle barley formation, the Stoney Littleton formation (formed in beans), the stunning White Sheet Hill Star, as well as the 3D Rubik’s Cube at Danebury Hillfort. This set also includes the spectacular and thought provoking 4D formation at Cley Hill near Warminster (probably for many the highlight of the year!), the Turin Shroud images (by the M4 motorway) and the Horton formation which only lasted a few hours before being cut out by the farmer. Other highlights include: The Roundway Hill crescents, the controversial East Field formation, the Beckhampton Chalice, and the Windmill Hill formation which was probably the most visited event of the year. We have also included a landscape shot of Avebury and Silbury Hill as special additions to the set.

By buying the 2010 photo set you will be helping us fund our work to record the crop circles in the UK. Thank you!

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