Crop Circles of 2009 Photo Set

Price: £45.00

A small selection of the images from the 2009 Photo Set – click the image to enlarge

This photo set celebrates probably the most prolific crop circle season ever in terms of numbers and complexity. From April and then right through to late August, the crop circles came thick and fast to make this the most memorable crop circle season ever! Reflect and wonder at this truly remarkable phenomenon by purchasing our largest crop circle set ever containing eighty 7X5 inch colour prints.

We are offering this photo set of eighty 7×5 inch photos (18 x 13 cm) containing not only the standard overhead shots, but also images of many of the formations set in the wonderful Wiltshire landscape. The 2009 photo set makes an ideal – and – beautiful gift.

Not only that, we are also including our 2009 photo CD which contains a selection (52) of the best crop circles from the season, absolutely free with each photo set. Each formation on the CD has the location, date, and crop type included. Perfect for PowerPoint presentations. This special package is a great archive of the season, something to share with friends, use for your own research, for contemplation, or display.

Crop Circles of 2009 Photo Set

By buying the 2009 photo set you will be helping us fund our work to record the crop circles in the UK. Thank you!

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