Crop Circles of 2008 Photo Set

Price: £39.99

A small selection of the images from the 2008 Photo Set – click the image to enlarge

FREE CD comes with Limited Edition Photo Set (60 prints in this set).

The 2008 crop circle season intrigued and delighted researchers and enthusiasts alike with many memorable and important formations. The magnitude and complexity of the geometry and symbolism continued to astound the crop circle world. This 2008 photo set contains sixty 7×5 inch photos (18 x 13 cm) containing not only the standard overhead shots, but also images of many of the formations set in the wonderful Wiltshire landscape.

Crop Circles of 2008 Photo Set

We are also including with this photo set, our 2008 photo CD which contains a selection of the best crop circles from the 2008 season. This cd is absolutely free! Each formation on the CD has the location, date, and crop type included. Perfect for PowerPoint presentations, this photo set is a great archive of the season, something to share with friends, use for your own research, for contemplation, or display.

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