Crop Circles of 2005 & 2006 Photo Set

Price: £35.00

The 2006/2005 Crop Circle Photo Set contains (70 x) 7×5 inch (18 x 13 cm) full colour, glossy photographic prints. This set contains not only a stunning selection of overhead shots, but also images of many of the crop formations set in the glorious English landscape. Details about each circle are shown on the reverse of each print, including date, location and crop type. The 2006/2005 Crop Circle Photo Set comes in attractive gift-box packaging making it an ideal present. This set also makes a great archive of the season, or something to share with friends, use for your own research, for contemplation, or display.

We are also including with this photo set, our 2006 and 2005 photo CD which contains a selection of the best crop circles from each season. These cds are absolutely free! Each formation on each CD has the location, date, and crop type included. Perfect for PowerPoint presentations, or for use on your or MAC. This photo set is a great archive of the season, something to share with friends, use for your own research, for contemplation, or display.


Crop Circles of 2005 & 2006 Photo Set


The 2006 crop circle season was unique. For some, the season was far too quiet. Many celebrated fields stood pristine, serene and untouched throughout the summer as the crop circles seemed to ease into an unfamiliar and unexpected gear. The phenomenon seemed to abandon its conventional haunting grounds in favour of new territory, apparently deserting the increasing mêlée that has come to greet their annual appearance. In comparison to the last few years, the 2006 season was a more measured, paced and thoughtful offering, with quality rather than quantity being the byword. Whilst the number of circles appearing in the UK during 2006 was markedly down on seasons past, what formations did occur were of great symbolic and philosophical importance and interest. The circles of 2006 pushed even more design boundaries and offered a commentary on the relationship between the 2nd and third dimensions, speaking ever more eloquently about a shift from one state into the next. Highlights included a series of multi-dimensional wormholes, a peacock’s tail, a crown of many stars and a twelve-fold city of skyscrapers, all capped off by a display of magnificent stars.

The 2005 crop circle season was to prove one of the most exciting, exhilarating and exhausting so far! From the very first circles in May to last in late August, the phenomenon sustained a consistently high level of complexity, scale and frequency rarely seen. Researchers took a collective sharp in-take of breath as the first major circle of the season measured-in at over 1000ft in length – and they were going to need it too! – as the circles of 2005 lead them on blistering and breathless chase across the fields of Southern England. Be prepared to re-tune your station on the radio dial of reality as we journey into the otherworldly realm of the crop circles and glimpse fragmenting, yet evolving squares, Celtic Crosses, huge Mayan calendars, and a gigantic cereological necklace strung with diamonds and hexagonal pearls of wisdom!

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